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What is PostBox?

PostBox brings the latest jailbreak news to your fingertips. Use PostBox to access your favorite packages and repositories while unjailbroken, all without the hassle of constantly searching on the web. With in-app .deb download and extraction, you can install themes using only your phone.

If it is not a package manager, what is the point of PostBox?

We made PostBox to fill a need – to provide users without a jailbreak, a better experience when browsing for packages and repositories. Most importantly, bringing jailbreak themes to the unjailbroken in a streamlined way.

Will PostBox ever be a package manager?

Being built on SwiftUI and its limited framework, the development of a package manager is very challenging. While there are currently no plans for PostBox to be one, we are looking forward to developer feedback once the project is open-sourced.

Get Started

How to download and install PostBox?

You can download PostBox here.

When installing on jailed devices, we recommend sideloading PostBox onto your device using AltStore or any other sideloading method.

For jailbroken users, you can add the the repository: https://postbox.news to any package manager and go from there.

What operating systems does PostBox support?

PostBox officially supports iOS 13 and above, with limited UI support for iPadOS 13 and above. A Mac Catalyst version is also available for macOS 10.15 and above with limited UI support.

What is the latest version of PostBox?

The latest version of PostBox is Beta 8.1.

How to update PostBox?

On jailed devices, PostBox can be updated by sideloading. On jailbroken devices, PostBox can be updated through any package manager.

Can PostBox be used without a jailbreak?



Why is PostBox not working?

Please make sure PostBox is running on iOS 13 and above, as SwiftUI does not support iOS 12 and below. On jailed devices, please make sure PostBox is signed before launching.

If the app crashes or you have any concerns, please contact us.

How to download and extract packages from PostBox?

This feature is mainly useful for themes. On iOS 15 and above, PostBox will extract package contents and redirect you to the Files app.

On iOS 14 and below, once redirected to the Files app, you need to extract the .theme file with a third-party extractor.

Will PostBox be available as a web app?

No, there are currently no plans to develop PostBox as a web app.


What languages does PostBox support?

As of Beta 8.1, PostBox support English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese only. We have plans to add localization for more languages in the upcoming releases.

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For new questions and comments, please contact us on Discord or email us via getpostboxapp@gmail.com.