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StoryBoard is now available in beta!

First of its kind. PostBox enables content creation and sharing dedicated to jailbreaking. More information, less distraction.

A pool of feeds. Enjoy a lively feed of various sources to always stay connected with the jailbreak scene. Sources are updated frequently so you don't miss out!

Powered externally. PostBox enables support for third-party jailbreak sources such as r/jailbreak and iDownloadBlog. More content will be coming soon in the future.

Constantly updated. PostBox features community curated packages and repositories. Making it easier for you to find quality content.

Featured packages. Browse through a selection of curated packages by the community. Refreshed periodically, selected packages will include detailed and updated information.

Repositories are libraries of packages. PostBox contains over 200 repos for centralization and provides a system for efficient repo finding. You can now effortlessly look for information that will previously require painstaking work.

User contributed. PostBox allows everyone to provide content and feedback. More power at your fingertips.

Intuitive design. Buttons with different contrast prompts users for interaction. Animations, haptics and color changes enable engaging feedback when selected.

React to Stories. Emojis allow for a user-friendly way of responding to content. A total of 5 emojis can be submitted at once. Coming soon

Review packages. The ability to review packages creates new opportunities for users and developers alike. Any package can be reviewed regardless of repository or depiction differences.

Easy contribution. StoryBoard allows you to create new stories for the ever-growing PostBox feed. Spread your ideas to everybody.

Coming Soon.

No guarantees, what if we find a project-breaking bug?
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