What's New?

We’re constantly improving PostBox. See the latest features and improvements.



  • New Splash Screen (only shows up when installing for the first time or reinstalling)
  • Brand new section header design
  • Improved SF symbols
  • App-wide custom accent color
  • App-wide blur effects
  • New placeholder images
  • Removed Splash Banners for Today, Packages, and Repos tab
  • Improved easing and damping value for all animations
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  • PostBox can now open links to repos and packages using the prefix (postbox://[package|repo]/[id|url])
  • Revamped the design of Stories
  • Clicking on a story banner will allow you to view it fullscreen
  • You can now save and share story banner images!
  • Stories now renders properly (previously require scrolling for them to show up)
  • Minor changes to redacted cards for loading
  • Today View simply looks better
  • Stories now receive a hovering task bar that is more accessible and gets out of the way when reading content
  • Improved animations when reacting to Stories
  • You can now read entire article for iDownloadBlog (images not supported)
  • Relocated and revamped author information
  • Relocated Tags to Navigation Bar
  • Added design for author profile images (coming in Beta 8)
  • Renamed tab to "Today" (previously named "Home")
  • Revamped view layout
  • Added context menu when holding on a Story Card
  • Added guides (coming soon) when tapping on "Contribute to PostBox"
  • Revamped the design for Tags
  • New scroll to refresh indicator
  • Revamped the design of package depictions
  • All new package card design
  • Clicking on a story banner will allow you to view it fullscreen
  • You can now save and share story banner images!
  • Reviews will now show the average rating score
  • Review Cards are fully expanded
  • Top Curated packages is now displayed – go curate!
  • Lists are redesigned
  • Implemented context menus
  • Package depictions now receive a hovering task bar that is more accessible and gets out of the way when reading content
  • Categories now have their own sections in the main Packages tab
  • New package icon display when they are not loaded or unavailable
  • New icons for network error
  • All new repo card design
  • Export all repos (finally here I know)
  • Revamped featured package cards when browsing repos
  • Improved Sign-In button
  • Implemented context menus
  • Lists are redesigned
  • Temporarily removed Piracy Story
  • Added automatic loading when browsing "Find Repos"
  • "Find Repos" now shows the total of repositories available for adding
  • New icons for network error
  • New scroll to refresh indicator
  • Settings is now accessible in each tab
  • New Settings symbol
  • Reorganized settings options
  • New accent color picker for iOS 14 and up users
  • OLED and Reduce Motion modes (coming in Beta 8)
  • You can now see a list of signed in repositories
  • Pressing on the Donate options now directly opens our Ko-fi page
  • Revamped the design of Credits
  • Brought back disclaimer information on the bottom of Settings
  • Added option to disable/enable reader view when redirecting to websites
  • Launching is now more stable
Known Issues
  • Filter View is unstable – will be back in next beta
  • Stories and Depictions may have large bottom padding
  • Curated packages loading times may be stalled by other heavy (looks terrible)



  • Improved appicon design
  • Improved first launch Splash Screen
  • Improved Splash Screen design
  • Improved app accent color
  • Improved text readability
  • Improved header colors
  • Improved design consistency of all images
  • Improved SF Symbol choices
  • Improved damping values for animations
  • Improved Scroll View height logic
  • Improved app action pop-up design
  • Improved button colors
  • Improved layout of Reddit Cards
  • Fixed many typos in UI
  • Fixed margin padding on all iOS Devices (now adaptive)
  • Fixed action sheet and alert button colors
  • Added close button to Splash Screen
  • Added app version identifier in Settings
  • Added image for external sources in Filter
  • Added ability to collapse and expand options in Filter
  • Added new Splash Screen for iPad (removed app functionality)
  • Reduced image size
  • Removed dedicated refresh button in Repos View
  • Removed Experimental section in Settings
  • Relocated Filter button to Navigation Bar
  • Optimized UI logic
  • Improved quit logic on “Quit Postbox"
  • Implemented Merge External Sources function
  • Firestore-based backend/caching
  • Package reviews
  • Removed unused dependencies
  • Allowing downloading purchased tweaks
  • Other stability improvements



  • Improved header style for card sections
  • Improved font sizes throughout interface
  • Improved image sizing on all views
  • Improved button contrast
  • Improved depictions padding
  • Improved iDownloadBlog card layout
  • Improved button design for Packages and Repos Views
  • Improved divider appearance
  • Improved list view layout
  • Improved app color scheme
  • Improved image for Donate View
  • Improved footer design for Story View
  • Improved footer design for depictions
  • Improved Settings tab layout
  • Implemented new tag design
  • Implemented Tag View when tapping on tags
  • Implemented blur on Banners
  • Implemented new symbols throughout interface
  • Implemented new tag design
  • Added dynamic blur to all Splash Views
  • Added 104 easter egg text options
  • Added "Splice External Sources" option to Filter View (Deactivated)
  • Tapping on card section headers now brings user to the subview
  • Repositioned Navigation Bar items
  • Single items in depiction screenshots are now centered
  • Temporarily removed option to change app icon
  • Implemented ability to import repos from Cydia, Zebra, and Sileo
  • Implemented package linking in Stories
  • Fixed unresponsive buttons
  • Fixed crashing when adding a repo
  • Fixed video sizes in Screenshot View
  • Fixed full screen screenshots not showing
  • Fixed negative package prices
  • First launching app now requires a restart
  • Project clean up



  • Design revamp
  • Combined FAQ in Settings
  • Fixed button dragging on iOS 13
  • Added "Curated Package" button to package depiction
  • Fixed Navigation Bar jitter on views less than device height for some views
  • Implemented "See more Packages" option for curated packages
  • Implemented Apollo redirect
  • Updated Splash Screen design
  • Type check
  • Implemented interactive repo content in Stories
  • Implemented new text layout logic
  • Implemented app action pop-up settings
  • Improved Story content layout logic
  • Fixed Package view not updating after adding repo
  • Fixed &nbsp was not rendered correctl
  • Fixed links in stories are not restricted to http(s) protocols
  • PackageView will now check for package existence instead of repo existence
  • Project clean up



  • Organized Today View for better sorting experience
  • Added new graphic when Today View is empty
  • Added Wish List to Package View Navigation Bar
  • Improved More Button interface
  • Fixed typo in alert when importing from Sileo
  • Fixed background issue on Navigation Bar
  • Fixed flashing background during transition (only flashes on initialization now)
  • Changed Rounded Button style
  • Allow Repo Cards to be embedded in stories
  • Easter egg
  • Added pull to refresh content in Today View
  • Implemented Categories View
  • Implemented hiding Reddit content images
  • Fixed PostBox stories appending instead of replace in Database (bad UUID)
  • Fixed startup preferences glitch
  • Fixed blank depiction colors blank when tintColor: ""
  • Fixed Geometric Software Store being not compatible (error: 401) thanks @RuntimeOverflow
  • Increased package parsing speed



  • Pressing on Tab icons now brings to root view
  • Properly centered text in Credits
  • Added FAQ sections
  • Added Wish List
  • Added Package of The Week card support
  • Added iDownloadBlog story support
  • Added more r/jailbreak content
  • Added support for Reddit images
  • Added third-party card option toggles in Settings (Inactive)
  • Improved Search Type interface
  • Improved font size, weight, and padding in many areas
  • Improved sizing on 4.7 inches devices or smaller
  • Updated Credits and Donate layout logic
  • Updated App Log Navigation Bar
  • Updated logic for app background color
  • Updated X button in modals
  • Updated Welcome Screen content
  • Updated Welcome Screen "Let's Go" button background color
  • Updated animation damping
  • Fixed Navigation Bar not behaving properly on iOS 13
  • Fixed Action Sheet text not showing
  • Fixed font size of text under Navigation Bar
  • Fixed constant white text
  • Fixed Story content overflow issues
  • Fixed missing haptic feedback
  • Fixed inconsistent background color for Search View
  • Fixed unwanted animations
  • Reduced shadow intensity
  • Revamped Navigation Bar design
  • Revamped Filter View interface
  • Revamped Bubble Pop-up design
  • Removed unused and redundant elements
  • Easter eggs
  • r/jailbreak content now opens in Reddit
  • Significantly improved speed and logic of search function
  • Fixed disabled toggles for Settings on first launch
  • Fixed improper pricing for packages
  • Fixed repos without SSL will not refresh (invalid for AppStore)
  • Fixed package redirection to package managers
  • Fixed toggle buttons activating wrong toggles
  • Fixed PostBox stories not being indexed in database/search
  • Fixed unable to browse repos in Search View on iOS 13
  • Fixed blank/incomplete depictions when no Sileo Depictions are available
  • Fixed incorrect sizing for iOS 13 Story Views
  • Fixed search not filtering through Maintainer



  • Initial release
  • Support for custom stories
  • Support for r/jailbreak content
  • Initial release
  • Support for custom stories
  • Support for r/jailbreak content

Developed and designed by b0kch01 and polarizz39.